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Course Name: Google Image SEO Course


[100 % Off Udemy Course Coupon] Google image SEO Course:


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What will you learn in this Course?

1. Get higher traffic by ranking pages higher in SERP.

2.  You will be able to rank images in images search and get high traffic from Google Images.

3. High Conversion rate from social media posts by using the right size images.



1. Good internet connection for playing the videos.

2. Trying the new ideas.



You can know about 3 new ways of traffic.

1. Able to rank every one of the pages on your website. Higher traffic by doing correct images tagging.

2. You can rank in images search. Get traffic from image searches.

3. How image search affects your rankings. You can make better social media posts and can get more engagement and more traffic to your website.

4. Underrated but powerful.

5. 30 days Money back guarantee.


Target Audience:

1. Ideal for website owners who want to get more traffic.

2. Anyone who interested in Google Image Search.

3. For the Bloggers.

4. People who care about image searches.


Course Platform:   UDEMY

Course Duration:   43 MINS

Course Instructor:  Alex Genadinik


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